Natural. Simple. Better.

The Honey Soda Story

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Natural. Simple. Better.

The Honey Soda Story

Two guys, some bees and a shipping container.

Backed By Bees started with two guys, some bees and an upcycled yellow shipping container on Appleby Line in Burlington, Ontario. The founders, a Meadmaker and a Beekeeper had a desire to work with pollinators and the products of pollination to help sustain and increase local biodiversity, all while serving the community with quality local products.

It was through this desire to connect people to the pollination story that HONEY SODA was born.

Realizing that honey produced a great tasting, lower sugar soda beverage that has a positive impact on environmental biodiversity was a win-win. More cans consumed means more plants are being pollinated while we get a healthier soda product that is better for us. And hopefully people will learn something about their natural surroundings along the way.

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Honey Soda Process
Honey Soda Can with bees
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Super crisp, light and clean. You can actually taste the honey in the soda – a must try!


I love that there’s a subtle sweetness yet a deliciously real honey flavour!


This soda is very refreshing without being cloying. A great thirst quencher!


Sweet and refreshing but not too sweet.


…Honey Soda is amazing and only 60 calories (how?!?!)…


Excellent product. Tasty and refreshing.


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